Who We Are

Our Mission

Isonoma Foundation’s mission is to help diminish disparities in healthcare, housing and education in the Philadelphia and Harrisburg regions of Pennsylvania. By working closely with local non-profits and their clients, we hope to address systemic inequities that cause and perpetuate poverty and prevent people from living healthy and fulfilling lives.

About Us

Isonoma Foundation is a privately funded family foundation that was created to address the injustice of systemic inequity. The name “Isonoma” is derived from the ancient Greek term, Isonomia, meaning “equality of law” or “equal distribution of liberty.” We embody these principles by funding non-profits that value people’s right to choose how to live while also giving people choices.

We are working closely with non-profits in the Philadelphia and Harrisburg regions because these are the places we live and work, the communities we know intimately and are deeply invested in. We want to be directly involved with the partners we choose to work with, which is why each board member and employee must commit to volunteering with one or more of the organizations we choose to fund. Isonoma Foundation strives to be both a collaborator and a facilitator of connections between other institutions in order to maintain and increase the resiliency of the non-profit and social justice ecosystem.

Though we have three separate areas of focus, we are excited about organizations whose work lies at the intersection of health, housing and education. A lack in one of these areas often produces poor outcomes in another. Each of these categories is intimately connected to one another. Therefore, we give priority to organizations that have a holistic perspective on providing services to individuals and families.


Isonoma Foundation ensures that its investment portfolio also embodies its mission through Socially Responsible Investing. Our philosophy is that rather than divest in things we don’t want, we’d rather invest in people and ideas that are making the world a better place through transparent impact investing. Our current portfolio measures corporate performance in seven areas: Governance and Ethics, Environment, Workplace, Product Safety and Impact, International Operations and Human Rights, Indigenous People’s Rights, and Community Relations. We review our stock holdings once a year to ensure that our portfolio is meeting our standards.