We believe education is a primary factor in breaking the cycle of poverty.

As Philadelphia suffers from some of the highest urban poverty rates in the country, we support organizations that empower people to break the cycle of poverty through education. Educational programs come in all shapes and sizes, whether it’s everyday arts and culture programming for youth, cooking classes for adults, or workshops for senior citizens, we value all educational programs that meet people where they’re at.

Below are examples of different projects or causes we are interesting in funding; they are not meant to be limiting but rather, illustrative of proposals we'd be excited to receive.

Representative Examples

After School

Out of School Time (OST) and After School programs for high school students have experienced consistent reductions in funding. These programs are integral to students’ needs. OST programs help families experiencing domestic violence and extreme poverty; these programs are paramount to a functioning DHS case management system. As public budgets for OST programming diminish, we help to bridge this gap by distributing funds to OST Programs that focus on social justice through art and/or technology. We fund organizations that engage youth through valuing their voices and allowing them to be part of curricula development.


Our organizati2n helps empower individual scholars who would like to pursue post-secondary degrees, whether that be at a vocational school, community college, or university. We offer scholarships to outstanding students who attend any high school in the Philadelphia School District. Unlike most applications, we seek recommendations from mentors, teachers, after school program coordinators, and other youth workers. The most qualified people to decide which students deserve and need scholarships are those who spend everyday working with them. Apply today to be one of our Empowering Educators.