Health Care

Health Care

Health care should not be a privilege, but rather, a human right.

People should not be denied affordable medical care for any reason, and certainly not because of preexisting conditions, immigration or employment status, or income. At Isonoma, we partner with organizations that are creating innovative solutions to health care problems on a local level. We enable organizations to address the health effects of systemic discrimination and oppression on an individual and community level.

Below are examples of different projects or causes we are interesting in funding; they are not meant to be limiting but rather, illustrative of proposals we'd be excited to receive.

Representative Examples

Gender and Inclusive Sex Education

Education about sexual health is incredibly important but often neglected. Creating open and honest dialogue about both gender and sexual identities is empowering and can lead to better outcomes for health and wellbeing. We partner with organizations that are teaching and providing care from an LGBTQ+ lens.


Finding access to affordable healthcare without health insurance is complex, stressful and at times, nearly impossible. Dental health particularly, and most alarmingly in children, is often overlooked when resources for families are scarce. Dental health is an important component to overall health, which is why we fund organizations that are providing free or significantly reduced dental care to uninsured patients.