No person should be without a safe place to live.

We support nonprofit organizations that are producing both radical ideas and effective programs and projects that address the myriad of factors that perpetuate homelessness and unsafe housing conditions. We fund organizations that provide transitional, emergency, and supportive housing measures as well as nonprofits that engage clients in educational programming around tenant and owner rights.

Below are examples of different projects or causes we are interesting in funding; they are not meant to be limiting but rather, illustrative of proposals we'd be excited to receive.

Representative Examples

Transitional Housing

We support transitional housing for people who were previously incarcerated. For people who have criminal records, it can be incredibly difficult to find a place to rent, obtain loans to buy a home, or find a stable job. Real estate agents, landlords, banks and even employers often discriminate against people who have criminal records, making it extremely difficult for people to find reliable income and affordable housing. By working with nonprofits that provide safe housing and other reentry services, some of the difficulties of returning to society can be mitigated.

Legal Aid

Philadelphia is currently facing an eviction crisis of epic proportions. Between 2014 and 2015, one in seven renters was evicted from their home or apartment. We support nonprofits that are providing legal aid and education to renters. By ensuring that tenants know their rights and supporting tenants in court who are facing eviction, we hope to help stem the tide of homelessness and displacement in Philadelphia.