Isonoma Foundation

Our Mission

Isonoma Foundation’s mission is to help diminish disparities in healthcare, housing and education in the Philadelphia and Harrisburg regions of Pennsylvania. By working closely with local non-profits and their clients, we hope to address systemic inequities that cause and perpetuate poverty and prevent people from living healthy and fulfilling lives.

What We Fund

Health Care

Outcomes for health in Philadelphia County are the worst in all of Pennsylvania. Isonoma Foundation partners with organizations that are helping individuals and families access free or more affordable healthcare in Philadelphia to help reduce disparities in health.


Education is a primary factor in increasing social mobility and reducing poverty. Isonoma Foundation is committed to supporting nonprofit organizations that provide educational opportunities using technology and art as tools for learning and growth.


In 2016 about 15,000 Philadelphians experienced homelessness. Isonoma Foundation funds emergency, transitional and supportive housing measures in the city of Philadelphia to help increase self-sufficiency and get families and individuals into safe homes.